Ashea knows what you're thinking, and then some….

Ashea knows what you're thinking, and then some….

Last week we brought you Basheba, and we are on a roll thanks to our friends at Space Promotions – this week we have the stunningly beautiful Ashea whose debut single is one big infectious tease of the kind we can’t get enough of…this is Watcha Thinkin’ Tell us a little about yourself – how did you get into performing?

Ashea: I´m a solo artist so I have the fortune of being able to write and produce my own material, which is great as I love being creative and spilling my thoughts and feelings out into the tracks. I´ve been surrounded by music all my life, my family are very showbiz, there´s always music, singing and dancing happening every day of the week, so it wasn’t really a conscious decision for me, I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else in life. After graduating from Theatre School and working for Disney, I decided to take some time out to focus on my songwriting, and I taught myself to produce watching YouTube videos (which was a grueling process but well worth it). What is your favorite original song to date? Why?

Ashea: I´m passionate about all of my tracks, for me that’s really important. When I write I need to be excited about what I´m doing or it just doesn´t happen. Saying that, my 3rd single is quite different from the previous stuff that I´ve written and we´ve come up with an awesome idea for the music video, so I´m really looking forward to showing you all. Who are your major influences? What do you take from them?

Ashea: Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Kerri Hilson and Jamelia are my biggest influences, I don’t tend to consciously reference them in my tracks, I think its more a question of loving their music/style so much that it just comes out in my writing and the way I sing/dance. In terms of producers, my biggest are Jay-Z / Stargate and Will. I. Am, they are what I call commercial geniuses. What song do you wish you’d written? How would it sound as performed by you?

Ashea: ´ I Will Never Let You Down´ by Calvin Harris, Feat. Rita Ora, I love singing along to it, and it works perfectly with my voice – As for how its sounds- I’m thinking of doing an acoustic cover so watch this space….. What does the future hold – is there a particular direction you’d like to take your music?

Ashea: I love writing Pop music, so I am staying true to myself and my audience by starting as I mean to go on. Obviously, experience plays a big role in what you choose to write about, so hopefully the journey will only get crazier….. What are your best and worst experiences to date?

Ashea: My worst experience was probably doing a 12 hour shoot in a Warehouse, mid winter with no heating and being very scantily clad. Somehow I got through it and managed to give it all I had, but I tell you, it was tough, but I did have a really kind kid running up to me with my coat in between takes…

Best experience yet has got to be filming my latest music video, We spent a good 3 weeks planning it, meetings with the director, finding the perfect location, rehearsing the dance routine, there was such a great feeling of team spirit, and when the day arrived I was buzzing! What would you like your fans/audience to know about you?

Ashea: I am an artist that is very involved with everything to do with my music. Production, image, video etc….It’s vital to me that you guys get to hear and see everything just as I envisioned it, so I go the extra mile to make sure. Tell us about your live gigs. What is it like to see you perform in the flesh?

Ashea: We are now making preparations for a tour in the UK, so watch this space for more info…..2nd single is set to drop very soon…… #cantwait

Neither can we…watch this space indeed…and follow Ashea on Twitter and Facebook in the meantime. #asheaisawesome

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