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Viva la New Revolution! The amazing Meresha is here

Viva la New Revolution! The amazing Meresha is here

Very few indie artists emerge on the scene with the immediate success and appeal of Meresha. The 18 year-old Palm Beach County native (by way of Warsaw, Poland) came to the states at age 15 on a mission – take the music world by storm. Drawing from influences including Robert Plant, Joss Stone, Freddie Mercury, Björk, Hayley Williams and James Blake, Meresha composed “New Revolution,” her debut EP. Yet it’s not only her determination that sets her apart – as an accomplished vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and pianist, Meresha both sings and performs on each song on the EP. This is a foundation for long term success, even as we are just witnessing her initial rise. Drunken Mermaid caught up with Meresha just after the release of New Revolution and out front her upcoming show with Adam Lambert and Third Eye Blind.

drunkenmermaid.com: “New Revolution” is a great debut song and video that involved some industry heavy hitters. Tell us about what went into the making of the video. 

Meresha: Thanks. David Rousseau, who directed the “New Revolution” video, has an amazing story.  He has worked with Pitbull, Shakira and many others.  He was nominated five times for MTV VMAs.

Before I reached out to him, I read about him in the Washington Times.  As a kid, he used to sit on a car outside the Orange Bowl and listen to concerts that he couldn’t afford to go to.  He would visualize in his head what the music looked like.  That’s how he starting building his skills as a Director.


I knew how to paint a sonic picture with my music, but needed a partner who could convey the music in visuals. After reading that article, I knew David would be the right guy.  We guessed what his email address might be.  To our great surprise, he personally replied. Connecting was the hard part.  Once we started talking it was clear that we shared a vision on how to get my first major video out.  David was really easy to work with.  He and his team were very professional and got all the shots in during one (long) day.  He even organized that the torrential rain start only the second after he yelled “cut” on the last take…


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGOWau7VBoI&w=560&h=315]
drunkenmermaid.com: How did you develop your amazing voice and diverse musical talents? What do you take from your musical influences?


Meresha: Thanks.  That’s very kind.
Some of the early concerts I went to were with Paramore before they were really famous.  Between those experiences and seeing the Black Eyed Peas live, I got the idea of what I really wanted to do – make and perform my own music. I’m a huge music fan myself and have a bunch of Led Zeppelin, Queen and other LPs and CDs in my collection.  Someone called me the musical baby of Joss Stone and Björk.  That’s a lot to live up to.


I’ve been performing for about 7 years now.  When I was twelve, I composed my first song called “Fool Don’t Be”, which I recorded in a CD booth in Miami.  People who heard it encouraged me to further develop my music. Guess the lesson is to just try.  You’re then forced to learn the things you don’t know to get things done without embarrassing yourself.  Luckily along the way I’ve found a bunch of great teachers – for voice, guitar, drums, keys, dance, acting, etc.


I also learned music production myself by playing with what essentially is a recording studio in a software program. That let me put out my own original music to iTunes, etc. for the first time ever. I’ve been working hard at getting the music better since.  It’s great that my music has developed the point that radio stations are playing it, but it is still a thrill and surprise to hear my songs being played.


drunkenmermaid.com: What is your favorite song off of the New Revolution EP? Tell us about it.


Meresha: All the songs on the EP, mean a lot to me but probably “You” is my favorite.  It is the first love song I’ve written.  It’s not autobiographical, but I think people can relate.  The heroes of the song love each other, but neither knows what the other thinks until the end.


drunkenmermaid.com: You have a major hit indie song at 18. What does the follow-up to New Revolution look like (or should we say sound like)?


Meresha: Short term, I’m still focused on New Revolution. Most people still haven’t heard it or the other songs on my EP. A Remix EP will be out in about a week. 300 Producers submitted remixes and I selected some new takes on the song “New Revolution” to put out. Next year, I’ll have new material out, but I haven’t decided yet in what form.  The good thing about being an Indie is that I can follow the sound that inspires me.  Then I just have to hope others like it too.


drunkenmermaid.com: What would you like the world to know about you


Meresha: That I really appreciate any support. I’m an Indie.  That means I don’t have an army of label staff around the world to get my music out.  Every time someone watches my videos, clicks like, shares, comments, Shazams, etc. they are helping me.  Without this army engaging with my music, I can’t compete with label artists.  Main message – if you like an artist – let them and the world know.


drunkenmermaid.com: Are you performing live in support of the EP? If so, where can we see you?


Meresha: My band is in rehearsals right now.  Nov. 21 we will be playing in front of a studio audience on Cape Cod TV, then on Dec. 12 we will play with Adam Lambert and Third Eye Blind in Boca Raton, Florida. That’s a hometown show for me, and I’m trying to get a loud crowd out for it.


Let’s make it happen – you can see Meresha at the 2015 No Snow Ball, Saturday December 12th, at the Mizner Park Amphitheater, Boca Raton.   
Drunken Mermaid's Five Star Pick: Purdy's "All Change" drops November 13

Drunken Mermaid's Five Star Pick: Purdy's "All Change" drops November 13

First things first: to Kate at Space Promotions – THANK YOU. Purdy may well be the best new artist we’ve encountered to date. Not kidding. Don’t believe us? Watch:


While we work on lining up an interview, here’s the press release for All Change/Dream In Colour. After what you just watched, none of these accolades should surprise you…

All Change/Dream In Colour is the final release from Purdy’s debut album ‘Diamond In The Dust’ out 13th Nov. All Change has already been played on BBC R2 Paul O Grady show: https://www.facebook.com/purdymusic?fref=ts

– “So slinky, it shouldn’t be allowed” Craig Charles BBC 6 Music

– “Great character, unique voice, a true artist” BBC Radio Ldn

– “There is a buzz reminiscent of the times when Paloma Faith hit the boards with ‘Stone Cold Sober’ and that’s no bad thing.” Blues and Soul Magazine

Purdy, the multitalented artist who grew up on Ian Fleming’s estate, performed with Lana Del Ray on Necker Island and has been praised by Mick Jagger has announced she will be opening for Jools Holland on his autumn 2015 nationwide tour! (Dates below.) This is after a performance at Wembley, aheadline UEFA 2016 launch show where she was photographed and featured in the The Mail Online, and a brilliant session with the world famous MOBOs! http://www.mobo.com/news-blogs/purdy-mobo-live-series

Live Shows

  • 2ndNov  – Jazz Café, London
  • 25thNov – Northampton, Derngate (Jools Holland Support)
  • 26thNov – Leicester, De Montfort Hall (Jools Holland Support)
  • 27thNov – London, Royal Albert Hall (Jools Holland Support)
  • 2ndDec – Newcastle, City Hall (Jools Holland Support)
  • 6thDec – The Kenton Theatre, Henley on Thames

Purdy has admirers in the highest of places. Jack Vettrianno saw Purdy at a book signing in Oxford and was captivated by her movie star looks. He asked if she would pose for some pictures and she became a muse for four of his paintings. Mick Hucknall is also a huge fan, and Purdy actually features on the new Simply Red album!

Ontario Tag Team: Winston Marley and Trench Town Oddities release "Bonk"

Ontario Tag Team: Winston Marley and Trench Town Oddities release "Bonk"

In from The Alex Ian Agency, we are checking out Trench Town Oddities and Winston Marley (pictured above) following the release of “Bonk.” Here is some Trench Town Oddities by way of introduction:

Drunken Mermaid recommends both bands. Here’s the release:

Acoustic folk-rockers, the Trench Town Oddities and rock-reggae band Winston Marley have released a new split CD entitled `Bonk!` earlier this month. The Ontario Canada bands each contributed 2 new songs to the release as well as a cover version of their favorite song from the other band.

“Bonk!” marks a new chapter for both bands who, in the past, have both released CDs engineered by Roy Nichol (current touring drummer for Canadian rock legends April Wine). For “Bonk!”, both bands decided to take a more DIY approach and decided to record the EP themselves with Trench Town Oddities/Winston Marley guitarist Bix at the controls. The recording took place in the spring of 2015 at various houses, sheds and alleys, coming out as a rawer, more back to basics release for both bands. “Although both bands loved the way our CDs sounded with Roy, who is an amazing engineering, we both felt that a more back to basics approach for our next release would be something we’d like to explore” say Trench Town Oddities frontman Sean Harley. “So what better way to test the waters then by doing a split EP ourselves” he adds.

Both bands are currently writing new material for their respect next releases and performing select dates throughout the fall of 2015. In addition, the Trench Town Oddities are also in the planning stages with an as of now unnamed Toronto band for a spring tour of Ontario & Quebec as well as gearing up for the summer  2016 festival season in both the North Eastern United States and Eastern Canada.

`Bonk!` is available at all major online retailers including iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and others.

AronChupa releases visuals for his smash I'm an Albatraoz

AronChupa releases visuals for his smash I'm an Albatraoz

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends Stateside, and indeed to everyone – it’s a holiday we can all relate to. This year, rather than turkey – we give you an Albatraoz:

Jesse at Space Promotions has turned us onto Swedish sensation AronChupa, whose track I’m an Albatraoz has gone viral in Scandinavia and is beginning to infect the ROW like an insane, wonderful pandemic. Here’s the visuals and the official press release:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bznxx12Ptl0&w=560&h=315]

Swedish DJ/producer/songwriter Aron Ekberg – otherwise known as AronChupa – has unveiled the official music video for his smash hit single ‘I’m An Albatraoz’.  Aron had spent quite some time wanting to create music in English, so he asked his sister if she could sing on a track that he began producing. The result was “I’m An Albatraoz,” which exploded to #1 on Spotify in Sweden and topped the viral charts. “I think this is insane and unreal, but very, very fun,” says AronChupa on his success. “I will try to live in this moment as much as I can, because it could all be over tomorrow.”

Somehow, we doubt it will end that soon. This is going to go up and up like a rocket now that the BBC has picked it up, and soon the States…Look for Drunken Mermaid to interview AronChupa in early 2015.

Of Ghosts, Gothicana, and…The Agency

Of Ghosts, Gothicana, and…The Agency

Drunken Mermaid loves storytellers, especially when they spin tales of the Wolfman, an assassin, a private having an affair with his captain’s wife, a demon that steals brides-to-be in the night, a detective hunting a serial killer…und so weiter….

Describing their unique mix of folk, rock and blues as Gothicana (best original genre term since KW Jeter coined “Cyberpunk”, btw), The Agency has just released its second album, Of Ghosts. The Agency is: Steven K Driver – Vocals/Guitar, Garry Cosgrove – Drums, Steve Beyer – Guitar, Andy Ludbrook – Bass, Kerry Ramsay – Vocals, and Scott Wall – Piano.

Drunken Mermaid spoke with Steven Driver last month, just before their Halloween show at the Washington Arts Centre and immediately following their album release.

drunkenmermaid.com: Tell us about yourselves. How did The Agency form?

Steven: We’ve all know each other for a while now and various combinations of us have played in bands together off and on for about 15 years (we started young). The Agency… really came about when I was talking to Garry about writing some stuff and he challenged me to do it myself. I wrote a load of songs and took them to Steve Beyer (guitar) to record them at our rehearsal room Tonfabriek. I suppose at that point I’d been writing for myself more than with a band in mind but Andy (Ludbrook – bass) got involved and we co-opted Scott Wall (piano) and various other friends and recorded the first album For the Brave and Troubled. That’s kind of a raw record and it’s kind of a souvenir of us finding our feet a little bit. When it came to thinking about the second album Of Ghosts, it was clear that we were a band now and my initial writing was different to the first album because writing songs with a singer/songwriter and band ideas in mind is different. It becomes a lot more about leaving space. The first album was released in 2012 and I think that’s really how long this incarnation of the band has been together if there was some planning and writing from 2011.

drunkenmermaid.com: What is your favorite original song or album to date? Why?

Steven: We tend to go with whatever is latest. It’s easiest to be passionate about our latest material. For us the first album For the Brave and Troubled was really about finding our sounds and it’s quite a raw record. Our second album and just released Of Ghosts is different because whilst the first album was just me writing songs the second was me writing songs with a band in mind and then we fine-tuned them together. The reviews for both albums have been positive but more people seem to be picking up Of Ghosts and probably the material with songs like She is more accessible. The songs are stylistically different and people have been picking up on and favouring different songs, which is pleasing and kind of what we were hoping for.

drunkenmermaid.com: Who are your major influences? What do you take from them? What do you add or do differently?

Steven: Our influences vary massively between the various members of the band. There have been lots of comparisons with and mentions of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds but to be honest we’ve delved into their back catalogue since reading the comparisons rather than before. When we go round the band for influences Andy usually goes with the Beatles, Steve with the Velvet Underground and Garry with Mogwai. We also listen to bands like the National and the Felice Brothers. Our hope is that because our influences are so varied the sound we create is unique if it also has some people feeling nostalgic. Reviewers have heard all kinds of things and drawn favourable comparisons. Largely due to the vocals on our music we tend to be compared with bands fronted by a baritone.

You decide – here’s She:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOUnnrL2QTI&w=560&h=315]

drunkenmermaid.com: What song do you wish you’d written? How would it sound as performed by you?

Steven: There are so many but largely played by us they would be slower and darker. The only cover we’ve talked about doing is Ghostbusters. We’ve done covers in the past and Garry is in a wedding covers band as well, so we tend to stick to original material ourselves.

drunkenmermaid.com: Are you signed to a label?

Steven: We have our own label: Solarbear Records. It’s great to have such tight control over our music and marketing. However, we’re very much open to working with labels that can help improve our distribution and profile.

drunkenmermaid.com: What would you like your fans/ audience to know about you?

Steven: That it is all a little more tongue in cheek than people might think at first. We’re actually quite jolly and approachable fellows.

drunkenmermaid.com: Tell us about your live gigs.

Steven: We can only go off what other people say but we have some loyal followers that are extremely enthusiastic about our live performances. One thing that has been repeated is that people talk about the power of the band. Others talk about the sense of space in our music. There’s a fair bit of ‘banter’ when we play live so that we can show the more tongue in cheek side. Some people claim to follow us to hear Andy’s stories in between songs which I would wager are rather tale tales about his time in prisons and such in Mexico.

drunkenmermaid.com: What does the future hold – is there a particular direction you’d like to take your music?

Steven: At the moment we’re still promoting Of Ghosts and playing gigs to support the release. However, we’ve actually got much of album three written. So, we’re going to take some time out soon to rehearse and record that. Our sound matured between album one and two. That will probably carry on to album three, too. Our sound tends to be quite varied but with a very definite thread and something very recognizable in the way the way the guitars are played and the vocals. So far the new material is, if anything, even more varied.

Sounds like our sort thing. You can keep up with The Agency at Solarbear Records and follow them on Facebook.

Ikes unveils visuals for latest offering ‘No Commercial’

Ikes unveils visuals for latest offering ‘No Commercial’

Drunken Mermaid will be interviewing Ikes in December/January. In the meantime, here’s his latest video and the press release courtesy our friends at Space Promotions…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2OpQPGscSw&w=560&h=315]

Ikes returns to the UK scene with his hard hitting rap track ‘No Commercial’, produced by Freek van Workum (B.O.B ft Mila J ‘So What’ and Doe B ft T.I ‘Homicide’).

UK rapper Ikes has been gaining a lot of heat over in the states with his latest work. ‘No Commercial’ has impacted the US hip hop charts with top 20 entries on the Rapnetwork and Rap Attack charts as well as a host of press support including DJ Whoo Kid (who premiered the audio), Hip Hop Since 1987, The 65 Connection, AO! and many more!

Having been signed to Indie label Reignassance (ChipmunkRandom ImpulseWizzy Wow) and with a critically-acclaimed back catagloue of mix-tapes, features and EP’s, including the hit single ‘Girl Talk’ (Music Week PresentsBBC1Xtra), Ikes knows what it takes to make catchy and original UK hip hop.

Previous EP ‘The Intermission: Last Call’ gained IKES a lot of attention, with BBC 1Xtra supporting its lead single ‘Girl Talk’, featuring Jermaine Riley and Scorcher on their BBC Introducing podcast.

IKES received rave reviews for his ‘WarmUpSession’ on SB.TV, with SB.TV creator Jamal Edwards later picking it to be featured in one of the company’s Google Chrome adverts.

Off the back of a 5 date college tour in the states and making serious strides there, this Hackney boy is back in the UK with a new vigor and drive. Alongside a number of upcoming performances, including the influential SXSW festival in 2015, ‘No Commercial’ is the first of a series of new tracks coming and is a sign of things to come from Ikes.






Rocking Gibraltar – the Phenomenal Hollie April

Rocking Gibraltar – the Phenomenal Hollie April

Singer-songwriter Hollie April was born and raised in Gibraltar where she began performing at the tender age of 12. Now 22, she is a recent graduate from Leeds College of Music with a BA(Hons) in Music Production and is on the brink of what promises to be a stellar career. Calling Hollie’s gig list impressive would be an understatement. She has performed around the UK festival circuit, opened the main stage for the Gibraltar Music Festival, and performed on the main stage at the Gibraltar International Jazz Festival, the Steinway Hall London, GBC TV and BBC TV West Yorkshire. In September this year she released the single Together Alone

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMUbzhnCiQE&w=560&h=315]

Drunken Mermaid caught up with Hollie just as she is preparing to leave Gibraltar for London, a move we predict will work out very well given her phenomenal talent…

drunkenmermaid.com: Tell us about yourself – how did you get into music?

Hollie: As a solo performer I began performing at a very young age, I’ve always been drawn to music and I’ve experimented throughout the years a lot until I found a sound and style that really speaks to me. My stage name ‘Hollie April’ is just my first and middle name, it used to just be ‘Hollie Buhagiar’ but after studying music in the UK I realized no one was ever going to be able to pronounce my surname (there were a lot of very comical attempts though).

drunkenmermaid.com: What is your favorite original song or album to date? Why?

Hollie: Jeff Buckley’s Grace, without question. He’s been my absolute biggest inspiration and when I came across his music everything started to click into place for me with my own sound – I learnt to take more risks and really produce music that was what I wanted to hear and enjoy.

drunkenmermaid.com: Who are your major influences? What do you take from them? What do you add or do differently?

Hollie: I have such a plethora of influences ranging from Patti Smith to Jeff Buckley. I’ve never really purposefully tried to sound similar to any artists so perhaps the influences aren’t massively obvious in my sound but each one of them has struck a chord with me in certain ways (pun most definitely intended). Patti Smith for example, her experimentation with vocals has really made me challenge myself with range, timbre and melody.

drunkenmermaid.com: What song do you wish you’d written? How would it sound as performed by you?

Hollie: I love Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, I think the track is flawless, so I’m not sure how it would differ, but I’d like to think I would do it justice.

drunkenmermaid.com: What does the future hold – is there a particular direction you’d like to take your music?

Hollie: The future at the moment for me is moving across to London in the New Year! I’ve been put on pause for a while now due to my location, being based in Gibraltar, so I’m excited to make the move. I am actually heading over also to do a Masters in Composition for Film and Television at The National Film and Television School, so I’m extremely excited for that too. It’s another aspect of music that I adore and specialized in when I studied my Music Production degree at Leeds College of Music. In addition to this, I am hoping to get a band together when I hit the London scene so that I can finally perform exactly what I hear in my head live to the public.

drunkenmermaid.com: What are your best and worst experiences to date?

Hollie: I’ve shared arenas with the likes of Emelie Sande, Level 42, Lawson, Gabrielle Aplin and ever Jools Holland to name a few and that has been brilliant! I’ve also had a lot of more personal, smaller performances that have just been in some ways, equally amazing – I performed at a festival in a gigantic circus tent at 12am in the morning and the atmosphere was just incredible.

As for worst experiences, I’d say in my earlier days when I started performing I used to really battle with nerves (at the age of 13) as I was extremely shy as a child, so it ended up being a question of could I overcome this issue for my passion. So the internal turmoil of this that I dealt with throughout the beginning of my career and performing through these nerves, that was a hard one.

drunkenmermaid.com: Are you signed to a label?

Hollie: I am not signed to a label though there’s been interest. I would definitely be open to it because I feel as though I would be able to produce a higher caliber of work with the aid of a label. I’d also be potentially able to play the bigger venues and for larger audiences and it would be very beneficial for getting my music out there to more people which is the goal really.

drunkenmermaid.com: What would you like your fans/audience to know about you?

Hollie: Perhaps that the tracks that I write are all directly related to myself and my own thoughts but despite this I like to keep their exact meaning relatively obscure so that they may touch people individually in the ways that they need to.

drunkenmermaid.com: Tell us about your live gigs. What is it like to see you perform in the flesh?

Hollie: I like to think it’s quite a pleasant experience! I’m not very outrageous on stage as I really focus on the sound that I produce but I always aim to create an atmosphere that is shared across the audience and venue. I try to take them into my world a little bit and hopefully they enjoy it.

drunkenmermaid.com: Where can we see you in the near future?

Hollie: London! I am London bound and set to move straight after New Year, so keep an eye out!

Follow Hollie on facebook and check out more of her videos on Drunken Mermaid’s facebook page

Sun Falling over Sydney: Meet Elstow

Sun Falling over Sydney: Meet Elstow

Drunken Mermaid caught up with Sydney’s finest, Elstow, immediately out front of their November 7 Oxford Art Factory gig. Elstow is Jared Shaw, Chel Browne, Toby Shaw, Brian Page and Rebecca Chandler.

drunkenmermaid.com: How did Elstow come about?

JARED: Chel and I started playing old folk songs together as a duo in 2012, like Judy Collins covers and Peter, Paul and Mary stuff. We were also writing songs at that point and were lucky enough to play a couple of sets at Peats Ridge Music Festival just outside of Sydney, which was a huge deal for us. We asked my brother Toby and friend Brian to join us for that, and then in the following year asked another friend Bec to play with us as well. That expanding was a pretty natural process – what happened when we all started playing together just felt bigger and better than what we’d been doing on our own.

drunkenmermaid.com: How did you come up with the name Elstow?

JARED: Elstow is actually the name of the building Chel and I live in. It’s a big old beautiful Victorian-era home that’s been sliced up into apartments. We just liked the sound of it I guess, and it’s where it all started so it seemed appropriate.

drunkenmermaid.com: You’ve recently released your debut EP As the Sun Falls, how did you go about recording it? Who produced it?

JARED: We were recorded by our good friend Benjamin Wickstein, who Toby and Bec play with in the band Aether Beach. We co-produced it with him and recorded different parts in different places. Most of it, though, was recorded in his dungeon… a dark and dingy little basement in Enmore [Sydney].

 drunkenmermaid.com: How do you and Chel go about writing songs together? Is there a process?

JARED: I’m not sure we really have a definite process at this point. Our EP is made up of a few songs we wrote together as a duo, and then a couple that were written independent of each other. And then when we jammed on them as a band they started to evolve again. This is my favourite part of the progression. Its always exciting to see how it will end up when we come together and put our minds to it.

drunkenmermaid.com: What’s your favourite song off your debut EP “As the Sun Falls?”

JARED: Well I think Elderflower Bloom is definitely my favourite. Chel wrote it a long time ago – it was one of the earliest songs we used to play as a duet. It evolved when we started playing as a band and recorded it for the EP. The day we got together and played it like that for the first time was pretty special. I think that was the moment I realized we had something good going on.

drunkenmermaid.com: Who are your main influences?

JARED: Our song-writing influences range from the sixties folk of Jimmy Spheeris and Simon & Garfunkel to the West Coast psychedelic sounds of Jefferson Airplane and the Peanunt Butter Conspiracy. There’s also a definite 90s neo-psychedelic flavour as well. Bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mazzy Star definitely had a huge effect on our sound around the time we recorded the EP. And there’s no doubt Radiohead have had a huge affect on all of us as well. I know I’ve recently fallen in love with their earlier albums all over again.

drunkenmermaid.com: What do you think Elstow is doing that sets you apart?

JARED: I think if Elstow has anything unique to offer it might be an accessibility. I’d like to think that we’ve got a little something for everyone, be it the softer acoustic sounds or the more driven and dynamic stuff. We have a good blend I think. Not that we’re the only ones blending those styles, of course, but I think we’re starting to feel our own sound is coming about.

drunkenmermaid.com: What’s one of your favourite songs or albums and why?

JARED: One of our favourite songs, which we’ve been covering live for a while now, is Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit. It’s got such a great groove to it and amazing lyrical content, not to mention an interesting chord progression. That’s probably one of my favourite aspects of psychedelic music, how the use of unusual chord progressions can create such an eerie or strange mood, like Syd Barrett’s songs.

drunkenmermaid.com: Where to next? What does the future have in store for Elstow?

JARED: We have quite a few new songs written and we’re really keen to start recording our next single in the coming weeks. If all goes well we want to have it out by the end of the year. And with a video!

drunkenmermaid.com: Where can we see you play live in the near future?

JARED: We’re playing the A&R Department’s 50th Music Makers Club on the 7th November at Oxford Art Factory. The line up includes some great acts like Harts, King Colour and Battleships. Will be huge!

No doubt – you can follow (and like) Elstow on facebook.

Something to Rave about: Lifecycle

Something to Rave about: Lifecycle

Drunken Mermaid was introduced to Lifecycle – one of the most unique bands we’ve ever covered – by Andrea at Blue Soap Music. They need to be heard to be explained, so we’re going to cut to the chase without trying to evoke images of multi-level dance clubs in Piccadilly on a Saturday night where the water is shut off and you’ve just…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVtWI6RKUFE&w=560&h=315]

drunkenmermaid.com: You started off as an electronic act – how did this end up developing into a live band?

Lifecycle: Yeah, in the ‘noughties’ we released quite a few dance 12”s, experimental breakbeat records on some interesting labels – Electrofly was one, and LondonBreakz released our dirtier stuff. It was an exciting time for electronic music – 90s rave had mutated into all these crazy little scenes … and breakbeats have a timeless, crunchy quality that is quite addictive. The three of us all have our roots in rave culture, but there’s something you get with a full band jamming that’s really different from a laptop or DJ set. Fusing that stuff together is a challenge …

drunkenmermaid.com: Who influenced the current Lifecycle sound and inspired you to play live dance music?

Lifecycle: Our sound is quite a mongrel … we’re hoping to weave enough influences together that it’s impossible to tell what came from where. There were moments back in time – when rock was truly psychedelic, breakbeats were gnarly, before jungle got bombastic, before electronica became safe – that really got us excited. Lots of live dance bands leave a strange aftertaste in the ears, I guess it’s the ones we see on the festival circuit who aren’t doing much that isn’t predetermined / pre-recorded, which make us want to get up and do something more risky …

drunkenmermaid.com: What song do you wish you’d written? How would it sound as performed by you?

Lifecycle: Cover versions are delicate beasts. We take ourselves far too seriously so an ironic version of some rancid eighties pop wouldn’t feel right … we’d probably end up butchering a classic, trying and failing to improve on a classic melody with our egos in tatters. They say The Beatles maybe ‘invented’ breakbeat with Tomorrow Never Knows – maybe we could do an extended stoner rock version of that? I have a happy hardcore Hey Jude kicking around somewhere which is ace …

drunkenmermaid.com: What direction is the Lifecycle sound going to take next?

Lifecycle: We holed up for a few weeks this summer in a remote corner of Spain (with no internet) and finished a big batch of new tunes, which are set to form the core of our second album. Lino Cosmos has our rock influence quite upfront, whereas this new stuff is a little deeper. There are still big grooves and subbass throbbing away down at the depths, but the guitars are more ambient playing tuned feedback and less chugging riffs. Things are getting darker and a little hypnotic …

drunkenmermaid.com: What are your best and worst experiences to date?

Lifecycle: We had the pleasure earlier this year of going out on tour supporting the godfather of psychedelia Arthur Brown, which was certainly a high point of our lives to date. High being the operative word. He was one of the first guys to replace his drummer with a drum machine back in the early 70s – so no stranger to fusing technology into his rock. Our sound went surprisingly well with his! A low point was probably the first show on that same tour, when the valves in our guitar amp blew during soundcheck. Sourcing a set of EL84s in the middle of Kendal was a challenge …

drunkenmermaid.com: Tell us a little about your label Ricochet Records – and who is putting out your album Lino Cosmos?

Lifecycle: We set up Ricochet back in 2007, as the labels we were working with no longer wanted to put out anything on vinyl, because everyone was losing so much money! After putting out half a dozen 12”s ourselves, we also had to bite the bullet and have been a digital label ever since … still with a quality over quantity policy. We’re pushing some fresh new artists: a guy Kawatin out in Japan, Berlin techno wizard Michael Lovatt, and minimal geniuses Multiple Mono in New York, all doing great work right now. Ricochet has built its own style over the years, so we’ve taken the band instead to Supersymmetry to release the Lino Cosmos LP. It’s very much an independent affair … we do have a booking agent and some contacts helping us spread the word, but we’re focused on keeping creative control, doing our thing and trying to avoid getting homogenised in the electronica meat-mincer …

drunkenmermaid.com: What would you like your listeners to know about you?

Lifecycle: Hopefully listening to us perform will give people an idea who we are and what we’re about. We don’t airbrush things in the studio, and only release videos of us playing live – no music promos or mimed performances. What you see is what you get, warts n’all …

drunkenmermaid.com: Tell us about your live gigs. What is it like to see you perform in the flesh?

Lifecycle: Despite the heavy electronic influences, we really are a live band. Really. Proper live. Studio recordings are one thing, but if people like what they hear they should really come check us bashing it out on stage. We pass our instruments through a laptop and I have a custom controller on my guitar strap to modulate psychedelics into the sound … it’s all done live, jammed and fresh each time … kinda hard to describe. Come see us on tour this winter and we will let the music do the talking …

That’s a deal. You can get more Lifecycle on twitter and facebook, and check out their video for The Big Picture on our facebook page.